Caldoris Poland is a leading supplier of distibuted renewable energy systems including innovative solutions for water heating and central heating support.

The company was founded in 2010, in an attempt to popularize distibuted renewable energy in Poland  on a large scale. In 2 years Caldoris Poland became a leader in solar collectors market. Almost 5,000 households use Caldoris solar systems, building up savings for family budgets which total to millions of Polish zlotys and considerably reducing emission of CO2. By popularization of distributed renewable energy Caldoris contributes to the increase in ecological awareness and popularization of energy technologies in Poland.

Since the beginning of its operation in 2010, Caldoris has been recording significant increase in the scale of its operation in each quarter – which shows the fast growing trust of expanding group of Operators and Customers in our unique offer.

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How do we work?

Caldoris collaborates with a few dozen Operators – professional trading and installation companies which provide high quality services in the scope of professional consultancy, fundraising, selection, installation and maintenance of renewable energy technology systems for individuals and small companies. 

The group of our Operators includes companies which have been operating on the market for 10 years, as well as new companies which have started their operation in the scope of Renewable Energy Sources with the support of Caldoris. They share qualities such as professionalism, technical knowledge and high efficiency of operation. Caldoris Operators Network covers the entire territory of Poland.

Caldoris Poland constantly invests in growth, training and ensuring high quality of services provided by the Operators. The group of companies collaborating with Caldoris includes the largest installation companies engaged in renewable energy technologies in Poland, which value high quality of products offered by Caldoris as well as the unique model of cooperation.

Contact us if you want to learn more about the possibilities of cooperation of your company with Caldoris!